PACIFHAN statement on COVID-19 pandemic

We find ourselves in an unprecedented situation. Up until recently, members of PACIFHAN shared the need for artificial nutrition due to intestinal failure. Since COVID-19 entered the world, we have all had to face many situations that we were not prepared for.

While each country has been touched by COVID-19, we have each had to respond to country or local situations. We have also been supporting our own country group members and support local planning where possible. Due to the impact of coronavirus, many people on home artificial nutrition have been faced with worrying times. This may be due to routine treatment, specialised treatment as well as the technical process of home parenteral nutrition.

Planning and safeguarding will have been implemented in all countries, many have been able to support official planning. Representing the needs of people on home artificial nutrition has been pivotal to planning in many countries.

PACIFHAN is continuing to meet virtually, we will arrange our agenda accordingly to further the aims of our association.

We send our thoughts and prays to all those living through COVID-19 who require home artificial nutrition. We hope this stressful time comes to an end soon. We recognise that this will vary from country to country. PACIFHAN will consider what we can learn from this.

We hope everyone stays safe. We advise everyone to follow the official advice from their own official sources and stay informed to protect themselves and their loved ones.

#staysafe #stayinformed